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                • ●The strength of the production, is a diversified joint-stock enterprises
                • ●Have experienced R & D team, and get a number of inventions patents
                • ●Through the national Ministry of public health agency certification
                • ●Provides the whole hospital clean, dust-free workshop and other solutions
                • ●Products are sold to Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions
                • ●Taiwan has more CNC machining center, punching machine, folding machine, injection molding machines and other production equipment
                • ●Have a thousand class clean room, bacteria breeding room and all kinds of advanced experimental equipment
                • ●With the brand enterprise cooperation, every material in the warehouse has passed strict inspection system
                • ●There are strict quality management procedures for production, rule-based, evidence-based, to ensure that every product quality
                • ●In good faith for the purpose, in order to fast, efficient, customer satisfaction as the direction of efforts
                • ●24 days 7 hours at any time to provide you with technical support and quality of the pre-sale, after-sales service
                About Us

                ? ? ??Dongguan Wei Environmental Technology Co.Ltd. is tat gene Co., Ltd. of Hong Kong Wei Industrial and Sun Yat sen University have jointly set up a high-tech enterprise, specialized in medical air sterilizing machine, air purification sterilizing machine, central air conditioning sterilizing purifier products, set R & D, production, sales and after-sales service as one of the joint-stock companies.

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                • 空気の消毒研究基地
                • Member of Guangdong clean Association
                • Member of Guangdong Association
                • Lion will love enterprise certificate
                • Pearl River Angel cup Excellence Award
                • The company obtains the certificate of quality management system certification through ISO
                • Guangdong Medical Instrument Association
                • Patent certificate
                • Love Alliance Enterprise
                CONTACT US

                Dongguan WeiYi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

                Contact: ?Manager Le


                Phone:+86- 0769-8166 7033

                Fax: +86-0769-8166 1733

                URL: http://www.mns1010.com

                Address: Changan Zhenjiang Bei Cun Xin Kang Lu Guangdong Province Dongguan City No. 5

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